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The B+S MULTIDATA product range comprises the whole chain of measurement equipment from data acquisition and analysis over sensors to software for data processing. Engineers, scientists and technicians are among the users of B+S products in applications ranging from research and product development to production monitoring and control. Equipment to measure many different categories e.g. accelerations, strains, rotations, frequencies, analog voltage, noise, pressure and other mechanical and non-mechanical categories is provided.
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Data acquisition systems

M3 Integra
The M3 INTEGRA data acquisition and analysing system includes all functions from signal conditioning over data acquisition to data analysis.

Different types of Extended Docking Stations are available.

Various acquisition modules for the M3 INTEGRA system have been developed so that a whole range of different measurement categories can be acquired using only one data acquisition system.

We support various data acquisition software packages.

The M3 INTEGRA product range is supplemented by a number of accessories that increase the comfort for the users.


We offer a wide range of different sensors to measure all kinds of dynamics.


Other products

In addition to our main products we provide other products