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The INTEGRA systems can be used under WinXP or Win98. The systems come with our own software ME5 as a high performance data acquisition software for mobile applications. The software is characterized by the easy setup of multi-channel applications and the possibility to display a great amount of data. Moreover ME5 offers a whole range of additional features as data import/export filters to exchange data with other software packages (e.g. DIAdem, MATLAB, nCode, Bosch D97 and Teves).

As we want to offer our customers always the best solution for their measurement tasks we are permanently expanding the INTEGRA family so that data can not only be acquired with ME5 but also with other standard data acquisition software packages. At the time the INTEGRA family also can be used with MATLAB, LabVIEW, DASYLab, µ-LAB and µ-REMUS. Furthermore it is popssible to develop own measurement applications with our BSMSDK (B+S Software Measurement Development Kit) based on Microsoft .NET enabled applications.