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STG-08-L Strain Gage Input Module

Fully programmable and highly accurate input module with 8 strain gage channels. The STG-08-L is the low cost version of the STG-08 without shunt calibration and without half and quarter bridge completion.

Special features:
- No jumpers, no switches, no potentiometers
- Automatic calibration of single channels and channel groups
- No time skew between channels
- Highly effective noise reduction
- Built-in digital filters

- Measurement of physical stresses (force, strains, bends, pressures, etc.)
- For nearly all strain gage based sensors

Technical data:


8 strain gage channels


18 Bit


0.02 %

Sampling rate/channel:

16 kHz per channel

Input range:

+/- 2.5 mV to +/- 10 V

Bridge excitation:

Voltage: 0 to 12 V, programmable
Current: 100 mA/output, 240 mA/module
Accuracy: typically 0.1 %

Band width:

1.5 kHz / 4 kHz

Temperature range:

-20 C to +60 C