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Digital interface module with two galvanic isolated CAN nodes. They perform as transceivers for up to 32 messages and up to 128 channels per node. All currently known data formats are supported (bit, byte and word-oriented).

Special features:
- Conform to CAN 2.0 A/B
- Each information unit can be addressed by definition of start bit and bit count per channel
- Unlimited definition of all channel specific items including conversion to physical units
- Mixed use of standard (11 Bit) or extended (29 Bit) identifier
- User definable look-up tables allow for easy excitation of controller data
- Comprehensive status information and error codes as well as interface parameters for bus specific monitoring

- Measurement of CAN bus data

Technical data:


128 channels per node

Maximum message data content :

8 bytes

Temperature range:

-20 C to +60 C

Data sheets


278 K


267 K