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DASYLab - the Easy-To-Use Software

It takes just a few minutes to create your individual acquisition and analysis application with DASYLab. Even most sophisticated acquisition and control tasks can be solved with DASYLab quickly and without any additional programming. Simply insert the appropriate module symbols into the worksheet and connect them by wires - all this with no more than a few mouse clicks. The module symbols represent inputs or outputs, display instruments or any of the many operations provided by the programme; the data channels represent the signal flow.

The M3 INTEGRA hardware, that can acquire a whole range of signals simultaneously, and the complex analysing tools included in the DASYLab software are an ideal combination for solving complex measurement tasks fast and easily. The DASYLab software offers the INTEGRA user a lot of new functions and possibilities:
- Display options, e.g. x/y chart, bar graph, chart recorder, analogue meter, polar plot chart, etc.
- Signal processing, e.g. FFT, filters, correlation, classification, etc.
- Mathematics, e.g. formula interpreter, arithmetic, reference curves, etc.                                              

All B+S acquisition modules (ANA-16/32, ANA-ISO, CAN, CNT, ICP®, STG, ...) work under the DASYLab software.

More information about DASYLab:
- New in DASYLab 8.0
- Download DASYLab evaluation version

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