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ME5 is a high performance data acquisition software for mobile applications optimised for automotive research and development departments. The software is used e.g. for acquiring motor parameters like temperature, revolutions, pressure and common rail.

The software is characterized by the easy setup of multi-channel applications and the possibility to display a great amount of data. 10 different layouts (5 online/5 offline) can be defined and up to 64 channels can be visualized in one graphic. Different online visualization features like chart graphs, bar graphs and digital instruments are available. Zoom and offset can be adapted via mouse or keyboard during a measurement.
With the new project file format (*vpj/*vpa) all necessary information concerning the measurement configuration, display parameter setup, reference data, data commentation and up to three data files are included in one project file. For repeating measurements up to 1000 data sets can be linked as a project. The archive function saves all linked data to one archive file and compresses the file automatically. 
With the redesigned driver up to 20,000 channels can be acquired simultaneously. For extremely long-lasting measurements data can be saved directly to the disk with the "direct-to-disk" feature so that up to 2 Gigabyte of data can be acquired. Moreover a four path trigger mode with 32 trigger channels each is integrated in the ME5 software and the Master/Slave mode of B+S acquisition modules is supported.
As the ME5 software was especially developed for mobile applications the software uses "splitter windows" and "dockable" windows. This window technique automatically positions all windows if the user adapts the size of one window, so that always the full monitor capacity is used.
The ME5 software follows the requirements from MICROSOFT for Windows programmes and consequently offers all known editing possibilities like "Copy and Paste" and "Undo/Redo".
Moreover ME5 offers a whole range of additional features as data import/export filters to exchange data with other software packages (e.g. DIAdem, MATLAB, nCode, Bosch D97 and Teves).

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