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Caetec QIC modules

The QIC modules are engineered and designed to decentralize data acquisition of different physical quantities like temperature, strain, frequency, current, high and low level voltage in mobile applications. Via the CAN bus interface the QIC modules can be connected to the M3 INTEGRA data acquisition system.
Each module is a small and independent data acquisition system offering connectors for 4, 8 or up to 16 parallel sensors - depending on the configuration. It comprises not only high precision amplifiers and ADC for signal conditioning but also the necessary excitation for the sensors. All channels are galvanic isolated from one another and from the test object.
The QIC modules meet the special requirements of mobile, in-vehicle data acquisition. The rugged, watertight design and the wide operating temperature range allow mounting of the modules inside the engine compartment or any harsh environment. Any number of QIC modules can be daisy-chained in a CAN- Bus network. The distance between one module and another may be up to 10 m, thus allowing a decentralised installation.