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Low G Accelerometers

The low G accelerometers available with one or three axis use a bulk micro machined three layer silicon structure as sensing element. The three layers form a differential capacitor with low noise. It is held in force balance for full scale non linearity of less than 0.2%. The sensor is bonded to a high quality ceramic substrate where it is coupled to signal conditioning electronics. The unit shows superior DC response and low thermal hysteresis.

Special features:
- Built-in signal conditioning for easy interfacing to data acquisition system
- Low noise

Technical data:

Input voltage:

5 V
8 to 30 VDC (with optional built-in voltage regulator)

Output voltage:

0.5 to 4.5 V


+/- 1 G or +/- 2 G


0.1" spaced 5 pin female connector


Plastic housing or high temperature aluminium housing
or flangeless aluminium miniature housing