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Motion transducers MT /e KFZ

The MT /e KFZ is a high precision motion transducer especially designed for collecting data on rotational speed of car wheels. For decades these pulse generators have been used worldwide for vehicle test purposes. The motion transducer is available with 100, 360, 500, 1000 or 2000 impulses per rotation. Other specifications on request.
Three different types of mountings are available:
RK: with tube and clamp
RS: with tube and suckers
FK: with helical spring and fender clamp

Special features:
- Robust metal casing
- Largely unaffected by weather and environmental conditions
- Quick set up and easy to use

- Acceleration and slip measurements
- Prolonged testing
- Track distance measurements
- Crash tests

Technical data:
Dependent of the model, see data sheet

Data sheets


63 K


63 K