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DYMO-3 Inertial strapdown platform

The DYMO-3 combines two conventional systems, an inertial strapdown platform and a GPS system with a 12 channel GPS receiver. The interaction of the two systems is optimised with a 28 state kalman filter. The integrated GPS system limits the long-term drift that usually occurs when using acceleration and angle sensors and the sensors deliver additional x, y and z positions in case of a blackout of the GPS system. The platform can acquire 16 values like accelerations, velocities, angles, positions, etc. For easy mounting in the car the DYMO-3 disposes of a gimble mounting.
3 different DYMO-3 versions are available:
- Data acquisition via M3 INTEGRA
- Data acquisition via laptop
- Data transformation to CAN format via laptop

Special features:
- Withstands high shock and vibration levels without recalibration
- Input for differential GPS signals

- Automotive development
- Vehicle dynamics
- Brake tests
- Navigation
- Accident research
- Aerospace development

Technical data:


8 cm x 12 cm x 17 cm


1.3 kg

Power supply:

10 to 30 V

Temperature range:

-40 to +71 C

Data rate: :

100 Hz

Shock (operating): 

20 g, 11 ms half-sine pulse

Vibration (operating):

12 g rms, 10 minutes/axis


100 % with condensation

Data sheets


352 K


353 K