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DRS-3 Radar Speed Sensor    product discontinued

The DRS-3 is a compact and versatile non-contact speed sensor using the radar doppler principle. It has no switches or potentiometers on the unit making it impervious to water or dust ingress. Dual antennas provide automatic pitch compensation and redundancy of signal acquisition. The DRS-3 is easily mounted on the vehicle in just a few seconds using the suction cup. The sensor can be connected to a data acquisition system with a cable via the BNC digital and/or analog output.

Special features:
- Rugged, sealed housing
- No calibration before start of a measurement required
- Automatic pitch compensation
- One cable for analog outputs, digital outputs and supply voltage

- Measurement of vehicle speed on a wide range of surfaces
  (Roads, rough terrain, gravel, sand, snow and ice)

Technical data:

Measurement range:

3 to 200 km/h (2 to 124.3 mph)


12 Bit


Speed: +/- 1.2 km/h (over the full range)
Distance: < 0.3 % for 200 m</< P>


148 x 80 x 73 mm


700 g (2 pounds)

Mounting range:

20 to 80 cm (8 to 32 inches)

Power supply:

10 to 35 V


RS-232-C (19.2 kBaud)

Temperature range:

-30 to +70� C

Data sheets


116 K


69 K