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Wide Bandwidth Vibration Sensors

An advanced piezo material, integrated with a charge amplifier as signal conditioning electronics as well as a current regulator, precisely mounted in easy to attach screw-down housings form these vibration sensors. Unlike the other members of the ACC family the piezo sensors do not have a DC response, so that the sensors do not respond to gravity or other very low frequency accelerations.
The unique supply electronics make them suitable for both current and voltage mode systems. The sensor can be powered by a current source using the signal wire and ground, thus using the signal wire as both the excitation source and the sensor signal. A constant current of 0.3 to 20 mA is provided by many older systems such as signal conditioners or analyser instruments. An unregulated +5 to +30V voltage supply is the other way to operate the sensors.

Special features:
- Low noise (300 G)
- Built-in signal conditioning for easy interfacing to data acquisiton system
- Constant curent or constant voltage excitation

- Vehicle and engine testing
- Shock recording
- Predictive maintenance
- Industrial vibration monitoring
- Acoustic and high frequency measurements

Technical data:

Input voltage:

unregulated +5 V to +30 V

Output voltage:

2 to 4 V (3 V as zero G voltage offset)


+/- 10 G or +/- 100 G


0.3 to 10,000 Hz


0.1" spaced 5 pin female connector


Plastic housing or high temperature aluminium housing