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The M3 INTEGRA data acquisition and analysing system includes all functions from signal conditioning over data acquisition to data analysis. In its basic configuration it only measures 31 x 31 x  10 cm, weighs less than 10 kg and has an integrated, super-bright TFT display. Measurement data can be acquired with a maximum total sampling rate of 910 kilo samples per second with a resolution of 16 bit. All channels are acquired simultaneously without time-skew. The supply voltage can range from 10 - 32 V DC.  In case of an interruption of the board net a rechargeable power unit is integrated.

Depending on the model the basic M3 INTEGRA system disposes of up to 4 slots for B+S acquisition modules. The basic system can be extended modularly with Extended Docking Stations. It is also possible to connect several M3 INTEGRA systems via WLAN.

A wide range of different acquisition modules to acquire voltage, millivolt signals, thermocouples, strain gages, ICP®, pulses, digital interface signals, etc. are available. Moreover the system disposes of 16 digital inputs, 16 or 32 analogue channels (optional) and a number of standard interfaces like RS-232, USB and PCMCIA.

Special features for a comfortable use have been developed for the M3 INTEGRA system. With the Auto Power On/Off function the system can be used completely unsupervised like a data logger. When receiving a signal the system and software is booted automatically, a predefined project file is loaded, a measurement is conducted and the system is shut down after the measurement again automatically. For applications in cooling chambers or remote diagnosis the M3 INTEGRA system can be remote controlled via Ethernet or LAN.

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