B+S Data Acquisition Modules

Various acquisition modules have been developed for the B+S systems so that a whole range of different measurement categories can be recorded with just one data acquisition system. The following table will help you to find out which module you need for your measuring task:


Accelerations, Mikrophones, etc.
– with ICP® sensors 1/3-axisICP-12/24/48

Accelerations, bends, strains, pressure, force, length, etc.
– with STG sensors for full-, ½- and ¼-bridges as shunt calibrationSTGx-08
– with STG sensors for full-bridgesSTGx-08-L
– with STG sensors for full-, ½- and ¼-bridgesSTGu-16
– with inductive sensors für full- and ½-bridgesLVDT-08/16

Speed and distance measurements, etc.
– for rotations, frequencies, periods, pulse width, slip, etc.CNT-02/04/08

Analog voltages, also currents, etc.
– for multi channlesANA-16/32-F
– for high band widthAF-12/24
– with galvanic isolation (e-mobility)ANA-ISO-08-F
– for small signals, high accuracy, high band widthPAMx-08/16

Noise, Vibration, Harshness, etc.
– with mikrophonesMICP-08

– with temperature sensors type “K” (others on request)THS-08-32

Test benches, data output, etc.
– for analog and digital data outputADO-08/16

ECUs, Inertial Systems, etc.
– via CAN-BusCAN
– XCP on USB (Conti Teves ECUs)
– XCP on Ethernet (Bosch ECUs)

B+S front panels

We provide the matching front panels for our modules. We are flexible and adapt to your specifications. Both the connector types and the pin assignment can be selected by you. Let’s get in touch.