Data acquisition software

The B+S systems can be used under Microsoft Windows operating systems. For fast data acquisition we have developed our own software ME5.

In order to offer our customers the best solution for their measuring tasks, we are continually expanding our products. As a measurement application, we not only enable ME5, but also other data acquisition software packages. In addition, it is possible to develop your own measurement applications with our software development kit.

B+S Data Acquisition Software ME5

We have developed our own software ME5 as powerful data acquisition software for mobile and stationary applications. The software is characterized by the ease of setting up multichannel applications and the ability to process large amounts of data.

The software is optimized for research and development on vehicles of all kinds. Various online visualization functions such as line diagrams, bar charts and digital instruments are available. Zoom and offset can be adjusted during a measurement by mouse or keyboard. 10 different layouts (5 online/5 offline) can be defined and up to 64 channels per graphic can be visualized.

Our project file format contains all necessary information for measurement configuration, setting up display parameters, reference data, comments and data files in a project file. For recurring measurements, up to 1000 data sets can be linked as a project. The archive function stores all linked data in an archive file and compresses the file automatically.

In addition, ME5 offers a whole range of additional features. Key features are:

  • project-oriented data acquisition software
  • powerful display types (online / offline)
  • Support of different views and diagram types
  • Offline data navigation
  • simultaneous acquisition of analogue and digital data streams
    e.g. brake pressure, deceleration, CAN and control unit data
  • acquisition of ECU data via XCP over Ethernet or USB (option)
  • powerful triggering machine with 4 phases with 32 trigger channels each
  • Online Calibration
  • Gaussian filter (option)
  • Reduction and expansion
  • Basic arithmetic, AA8
  • Export and import filter (option)

Data acquisition with brake software BS.Brakes

The application BS.Brakes was developed for brake tests. It is modular and prepared for standard brake tests (e.g. towing test) as well as procedure tests (e.g. mountain testing). It can be used with all B + S MULTIDATA systems. Key features are:

  • Test series for brake tests (eg tow test)
  • 3-phase mountain test (idle time, travel time, idle time)
  • for Windows 7 or Windows 10 with .NET
  • for all B+S systems

Data acquisition with individual software

With our BSMSDK (B+S Measurement Software Development Kit), based on Microsoft .NET, you gain access to our hardware and can develop your own measurement applications. Key features are: 

  • Programming interface for B+S system family 
  • for operating system Windows 7 or 10 
  • for Microsoft .NET 4.x or higher 
  • with ME5 v4.x / 5.x demo incl. driver pack

Data acquisition with DASYLab

With the Windows-based application software DASYLab from measX, you can quickly develop and commission very different applications. Key features are:

  • Capture and visualize measured data with B+S hardware 
  • Analyze signals 
  • Integrate control and regulation processes 
  • Automate test procedures 
  • Configure your own measuring devices 
  • Complete individual functionalities (Python interface)

Data acquisition with LabVIEW

National Instruments’ LabVIEW is a graphical development environment that lets you visualize every aspect of your application, including hardware configuration, measurement data, and troubleshooting. Visualization facilitates the integration of our measurement hardware, the presentation of complex logic on the block diagram, the development of data analysis algorithms, and the design of application-specific user interfaces. Key features are:

  • Data acquisition with B+S hardware 
  • Native graphical programming 
  • Execution of multithreaded code 
  • Event-driven programming 
  • Mathematical standard functions 
  • Probability and statistics

Data acquisition with MATLAB

MATLAB from MathWorks combines a desktop environment for iterative analysis and development processes with a programming language in which you can directly formulate matrix-based mathematics. Key features are:

  • Collect and analyze signals with B+S hardware

Data acquisition with MLab

MLab from Stiegele is a universal measurement data acquisition and control program for Windows that can record, calculate, visualize and output data in real time. The data can come from different sources (analog, digital, CAN, Ethernet …). A variety of action modules make it possible to design a measuring task individually and flexibly. If the functionality of the action modules is not sufficient, MLab can optionally be extended with further functions using TestControl (a process-oriented macro language). Key features are:

  • Support of B+S hardware 
  • Acquisition and output of analog and digital channels 
  • Grouping of channels 
  • Online Calibration 
  • Storage of channels in any number of files 
  • many graphic pages with various diagram types definable