xDS-P Battery Buffering for MDS and EDS

The xDS-P module is designed to deliver a specified regulated output power from a wide input voltage, battery backup, multi-chemistry charge and cell balancing on a single circuit board.

The xDS-P module has various charging modes, which are indicated by a tri-color LED and a buzzer. Key features are:

  • uninteruptable power supply
  • internal battery buffering
  • DCin 10..15VDC 50W
  • DCin 15..32VDC 75W
  • buffer time at least 20min

Power Supply

For all systems we provide the appropriate power supply depending on the maximum power consumption.

You can operate the systems either with separate power supply or via existing on-board power supply of your vehicle. 

Transport Cases

The transport cases are made of extremely resistant plastic for protection against shocks and vibrations.

For ease of transport they have wheels and an extendable handle.

Various sizes are available.

B+S Seat Mounting Frame

The B+S seat mounting frame guarantees fast and safe mounting of B+S systems in all types of vehicles.

It consists of black powder-coated steel.